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Money Dictionary

401K - What is a 401K retirement account?

Bankruptcy - What happens to my stock if the company files bankruptcy?

Blue Chip Stock & Blue Chip Stock Fund


Capital Gains

Cyclical Stocks

Day Trading

Defensive Stocks


Dow Jones Industrial Average

Earnings & Earnings per Share

Earnings Beats & Misses

Earnings Season

ESG Fund - What is an ESG fund?

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) versus Mutual Funds versus Index Funds - What's the difference?

Fractional Shares of Stock

Growth Stocks & Growth Funds

Income Stocks & Income Funds

Individual Stocks or Funds - Should I put my money in funds or buy individual stocks?

Index Funds

Index Funds versus Mutual Funds versus Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) - What's the difference?

Investing versus Trading

Investment Grade Bond Funds

IPO or Initial Public Offering

Large Cap Stock & Large Cap Stock Fund

The "Market" - What do people mean when they talk about "the market"?

Mobile Trading Apps - What are they? What are the pros & cons?

Money Market Fund

Mutual Fund

Mutual Funds versus Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) versus Index Funds - What's the difference?


Passive Income - What is it & why do I need it?

Penny Stocks

Price Targets - What are stock price targets & how do I use them to make money?

S&P 500

Shorting Stock - What does it mean to short a stock?

Selling a Stock - When should you sell a stock?

Speculative Stocks

Stock - What is a  stock?

Stock versus Bonds - What's the difference?

Target Date Funds

Treasury Bond Funds

Value Stocks & Value Stock Funds